Clients From Hell #1

Hey everybody. I recently found the website: Clients from Hell and found the stories to be sharply funny and sadly true. I thought I’d start sharing some of you in weekly installments.Let’s begin, shall we?


CLIENT: I’m not too sure about the blue…

ME: Actually, that’s green.

CLIENT: Who’s the client?

ME: You.

CLIENT: And what color is it?

ME: …blue?

CLIENT: Right. Now let me see what other shades of blue we have.

We settled on pine-tree ”blue.”

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IMG_2373Hi friends, yesterday I returned home from a week long vacation in California. There is nothing like a bit of travel to clear your mind and feed your soul. I will be posting on the vacation soon, including all of the hidden gems I came across. Until then I am going to get some much needed R&R and catch up on some work. Have you traveled anywhere lately?

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