Let’s Make Beautiful Print Together

It has been quite some time since I’ve done a “My Work Wednesday” post. Here is a peek at a recent two color marketing piece I created for my employer. The outer envelope says: Please deliver to the incredibly awesome and don’t forget fantastic…MarketingEnvelope Marketing2The purpose of this marketing piece is to inform prospective clients on what we do and drive recipients to our new and improved website.Marketing3The brochure opens up to reveal a large poster on the inside.Marketing5The back page of the brochure shows our contact information along with one of my favorite Don Draper quotes. (Gotta have the Mad Men shout out right?)Marketing4


Clients From Hell #19

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An e-mail exchange regarding an article for a scholarly publication:

CLIENT:  Why did you take out all my exclamation points!?

ME:  As general rule, it’s best to avoid exclamation points in formal writing.  The strength of a sentence should rest on emphatic prose rather than emphatic punctuation.

CLIENT:  But no one will know where the important points are!!!

ME:  I think they will if the points are made with clear, vigorous writing and simple periods.

CLIENT: But that’s what exclamation points are for!!!!!!  Can we change those sentences to ALL CAPITAL LETTERS IN ITALICS?