Clients from Hell #9

Part #9 in my weekly series Clients from Hell. Find more on the website here.

After creating a contract for a painting, the ‘client’ had this to say:

Me: Okay, the contract is attached. Please review and sign.

CLIENT: I don’t like this. I am MORE than a client. I am the principle artist. You have to change this in the contract. You are only an illustrator and I’m the one that came up with the idea anyways. If anything, you should be paying me for my ideas.

Elegance & Simplicity

Wedding invitations don’t get much more traditional and elegant than this. Each piece was letterpressed on cotton paper along with a gold foil on the bride and groom’s names, gold painted edges, and an inner and outer envelope. Megan1 Megan2 MEgan3 Megan4

Graviola :: Free Font of the Day

Hey there! My cyberspace designer friend, Henrique Beier, just sent me a new font that he designed. Graviola is (in his own words) “A soft and juicy san serif.” You can try Graviola Regular out yourself for free and/or purchase the other weights as well here. Thanks, Henrique!unnamed unnamed2