Clients from Hell #27

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ME: “Here are the designs, and, with your approval, we’ll code them and put them up in a couple of days.”

CLIENT: “Why aren’t they up now?”

ME: “We require client approval before we put up the final product, in order to make any changes.”

CLIENT: “I wanted it up yesterday.”

ME: “Well, this is the first time that we’ve had a chance to meet in person and go over the designs.”

CLIENT: “But I wanted it put up yesterday.”

ME: “I had emailed these to you for approval, but you never responded.”

CLIENT: “I thought you would just put it up.”

ME: “Not without your approval, sir.”

CLIENT: “Well, put it up.”

A week later.

CLIENT: “You know what, there are a few changes I need you to make… I can’t believe you put that up.”

Dung Coffee

African_elephant_warning_raised_trunkYou know the old saying “You learn something new everyday.”? Well today, my friends, I am sharing with you my little added nugget of knowledge, Black Ivory Coffee. I’m a big time coffee fanatic but I’ve never been privy to Black Ivory Coffee until today.

Black Ivory Coffee is much more humane than you may initially think. It comes from the best Thai Arabica beans harvested and fed to elephants. Once the elephants “deposit” the beans, they are then hand sorted, sun dried and roasted. Kind of gives a whole new meaning to drip brew, huh? While the beans and the caffeine do not affect the elephants, the elephants stomach juices certainly affect the beans supposedly creating a delicious cup of joe.

Since this is quite the process, a single cup of the black gold will run you about $50.00. It’s worthwhile, though, as a part of the proceeds to towards elephant conservation and the coffee also provides valuable income to the Mahout community.

Interested? You can try a cup of Black Ivory Coffee if you happen to be traveling to certain parts of Thailand or you can buy some beans here. Black Ivory beans make a perfect gift for that person who has everything.

Have you ever heard of or tried Black Ivory Coffee? I’ve added it to my list of “Things to Try”.CoffeeBeans

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