My Toolbelt


Today I’m sharing with you a few helpful design websites I use.

1. DAFONT. Are you font obsessive like me? Look no further than for loads of fun fonts. Most of the fonts are either free or super cheap.

2. RETRO VECTORS. Go here to find royalty free retro vectors for your next project. I’ve found a ton of useful things on this site. P.S. They are all free, but there’s a tip jar for good karma!

3. LYNDA.COM I recommend subscribing to It’s a great resource for tons and tons of videos that will pretty much teach you anything design related.

4. CG TEXTURES. This site is texture heaven and it’s free!

5. iSTOCK. Every once-in-awhile you need a good photo or a nice hand drawn vector. I recommend iStock. While it’s not free, the photos and vectors are all of high quality.

There you have it. I hope the above sites are useful to you. Do you have any recommendations?

Clients from Hell #30

Please visit the Clients from Hell website for more outrageous stories.

Client: We need it to be loudly subtle, but peppered with frivolity that is harbored in a unique sense of aesthetic chaos.  Remember to keep it simple, clean and concise; however, you may feel free to experiment with the underlying subtext of the piece.  Contrast.  Juxtaposition.  Opposites.  It needs to scream at you, while remaining silently enraged.

Me: That all sounds great, but keep in mind that this is a 2.625” x 1” mailing label.

Client: Oh, sure! Just make sure our logo is on it.