Another Year I’m Thankful For

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Hey guys! Tomorrow is my birthday and I’ve lived another great year I’m thankful for. Birthdays to me are times to reminisce about the past year: things I’ve learned, mistakes I’ve made, and what I want to do with the time ahead.

What I’ve learned.

1. There is always room for improvement. I’ve been adding more and more tools to my design belt. I can now, officially, design an entire website on my own. Additionally, I’ve been brushing up on my social media and photography skills.

2. Mac and Cheese is absolutely delicious on a philly steak sandwich. Enough said.

3. Speaking up is important. Be it your personal or corporate life, let your voice be heard.

4. The power of human connection. Brian recently landed a great job at a party. In the woods. Pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Awesome things happen when you take the time to talk and connect with another person.

5. Cool cars are worth it. In the past I’ve always had hand me down cars or a suitable, affordable car. This year I bought a car I wanted and have stepped up my coolness factor (in my own head at least).  For those of you who don’t know, I am a proud owner of a baby blue 1986 Chrysler New Yorker and it talks!

Mistakes I’ve Made.

1. Going 40 mph in a 30 mph zone. Yep, got pulled over right in front of my new job the first week I started. I wasn’t even in a hurry, just enjoying my new car a little too much.

2. Stonewashed denim.

3. Eating beets. I know, I know, beets are delicious and everyone loves them. Not this gal over here. My hatred for them stems from a badly embedded childhood experience. No matter how many different ways I try ’em they always end up a mistake. However, so far beets are the one and only thing I’ve found that I cannot eat.

4. Not bringing my camera. I’ve officially switched to only carrying large purses so I can have my Nikon baby with me at all times.

5. Not doing something because I’m too tired/it’s a work night/it’s too far away (insert excuse here). Live life and do stuff. You’ll get enough sleep when you’re dead. #AmIRight

What’s Next for the Year Ahead.

1. Travel, travel, and more travel. I can’t get enough. I’ve only been to half of the U.S. states and need to knock off a few more this year. Traveling clears my head and grounds me, while filling my soul and nourishing my mind.

2. Live simpler. I have too much stuff. This year I will follow William Morris’ rule and whittle down to only what is useful and beautiful.

3. More knowledge. In my career I need to keep up with design trends and will continue to learn a new tool/tidbit every day.

4. Slow down and enjoy the ride. Instead of always looking ahead, look around, enjoy, and then smile. Life is a great gift.

5. Choose only good days. I recently received some great advice from a woman who told me she’s done having bad days only good ones.

How do you celebrate your birthday?