Clients from Hell #15

CLIENT: Design me a patriotic banner ad. I want it to really pop and be aggressive.

ME: OK, here are your two concepts. Which do you prefer?

CLIENT: WTF is this, two ads? You promised me 12 ads! Where are my 12 ads?

ME: Those would be 12 sizes sir. We will make those, after you decide on a direction.

CLIENT: OK. I like both. Which do you like? I trust your judgement. Make it more patriotic.

ME: OK, here’s the one I think you’d like. I also added a bald eagle.

CLIENT: I love it, but I can’t really see the eagle. More eagle.

ME: Hmm. It’s tough working under 100 pixels, but I’ve made successfully made the eagle bigger. How’s that?

The client vanishes for 3 weeks.

CLIENT: Why is my campaign not up? I am very dissatisfied with your service!!

ME: Let’s see, we’re still waiting on your approval. Is it approved?

CLIENT: Yes. Less eagle. The eagle scares me.


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Clients From Hell #13

A friend of mine is an apprentice at a tattoo shop. A client came in recently and got a sentence tattooed on their back. The customer called the store a few hours after returning home, demanding a refund.

Client: You did my tattoo backwards!

Tattoo ArtistIt’s backwards?

Client: Yes! I’m looking at it in the mirror right now!

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Feminine Invitation :: My Work Wednesday

Here is a peek at an invitation suite I designed for a bride who recently was married. She chose an off white sparkly paper and we printed her and her groom’s name in a gold foil. A two sided info card, reply card and thank you were designed to match. 4 2 13