“Let’s make beautiful print together” One of my foil stamped and letterpress marketing designs. I created this piece to help our sales staff bring in print accounts. I wanted the design to be a unique keepsake that wouldn’t just get tossed in the garbage. It also makes good kindling for those in desperate need of a fire. WoodFoil WoodFoil2 WoodFoil3

20 Things You Should Not Say to a Graphic Designer

03Some of my own and some borrowed from

1. Anyway you are the designer, you know what to do.

2. Make it pop.

3. C’mon, it’ll only take you a minute to do it.

4. I need a 20 page brochure designed and printed by tomorrow.

5. The logo I sent you is in Word format. Is that OK?

6. Low resolution? It looks OK on my screen.

7. It doesn’t look red on my screen.

8. I’m not sure, try something else.

9. Try a more powerful color.

10. Can you use a “fun” font (meaning Comic Sans, Papyrus, etc)?

11. There’s something that doesn’t’ work but I’m not sure what.

12. The logo needs to be bigger.

13. The design must be something original.

14. It’s a Christmas event, let’s use red.

15. After all those revisions, let’s go with the original mock up.

16. It looks boring. Can you add a few starbursts?

17. I don’t have my logo. Can you just pull it off my website?

18. You work over the weekend right?

19. I’m not loving it.

20. Can you add a border?

34 Things

Today I have officially been on this earth for 34 years. Man has time flown. I thought I’d challenge myself to come up with 34 things I’ve learned (about people, the world and myself) thus far. I make no promise that this post will be interesting or informative. Hey, cut me some slack, it’s my birthday!

1. Everyone has a story. Listen to it.

2. If you can walk, take the stairs. Your butt will thank you.

3. French fries dipped in milkshakes are delicious.

4. Dragonflies bite, but only when scared or in danger. Dragonfly-on-finger1

5. Hard work does pay off.

6. It’s okay to ask for help.

7. It’s better to have a small group of friends who care than a large group of friends      who don’t.

8. Travel is the best thing for a renewed look on life.

9. Jello shots are always a bad idea but you never remember that until the next day.jello shot spreat

10. Wear sunscreen even when it’s cloudy.

11. Proofread, proofread, proofread.

12. Family is important.the-royal-tenenbaums-ben-stiller-590270_1024_768

13. Take the time and make the time.

14. Do something nice for at least one person a day.

15. Smile. Cry. Laugh. Repeat.

16. Eat your vegetables (except beets, I will not ask you to eat beets).Roasted Moroccan Beets-6548

17. Never stop learning.

18. Call your mom. Old Phone Isolated

19. Do something that scares you.

20. Ask questions.

21. Pay attention to the beauty of nature and don’t ever take it for granted.Northern-Lights

22. Make lots of mistakes.

23. Dance.moonrise-kingdom-2

24. Let the kid inside you come out and play.hopscotch-pic

25. Flirt with babies, old people and your significant other.

26. Perfect three great meals you can serve your family and friends.

27. If it’s important, speak up.

28. Live simple. Live clean. “Stuff” doesn’t bring happiness, memories do.

29. Say “hi” to strangers.

30. Forgive.bigstock-Male-Forgive-4064001

31. Remember your manners even when others do not.

32. Drive fast, take chances.

33. Crack jokes not whips. joke-looks_00392307

34. Never forget where you came from or who you are.

What have you learned?